Jameos Del Agua, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Jameos Del Agua is the name of an art- and touristic attraction in the north of Lanzarote built by the artist César Manrique in 1966.

Jameos Del Agua is part of the Atlantida volcanic cave system formed by the eruptions of the Corona volcano about three to four thousand years ago. This larger cave system also includes Cueva de los Verdes. The word ‘Jameo’ refers to a volcanic cave with a collapsed roof, of which there are many in this part of Lanzarote. César Manrique has helped to create this spectacle, where these natural volcanic caves have been turned into an Auditorium, Swimming pool, Gardens and Restaurants, while still blending into the surrounding volcanic landscape.

The recently re-opened natural Auditorium has seating for 600 people and is renowned for its excellent acoustics. The underground salt water Lagoon, Jameo Chico, is host to a Species of Blind Albino Crab (Munidopsis Polimorpha) that is found nowhere else. The Casa de los Volcanes (House of the Volcanoes) is an avantgarde building that houses some fantastic information about the island of Lanzarote and volcanoes around the world and in the Canary Islands in particular. You can view instruments and computers showing live temperature measurements and movements of the earth.

Entrance is € 8,- for adults and € 4,- for children.

The attraction is open from 10:00 – 17:00 and 19:00 – 02:00 (Tuesday and Saturday only)