Macro Photos Part I, My Backyard

Getting small object onto a photo with standard zoom-lenses isn’t always that practical, they aren’t build for short-distance photography. Getting a small subject in focus is a lot harder, if not impossible, then with a true macro lens. So a little while ago I got myself a Sigma 105 mm macro lens.

It was a lazy sunday in june, there had been a light drizzle and the sun was starting to break through the clouds. Insects started flying again, time to get out and take some photos with the macro lens.

All photos have been made in my garden. They might not be perfect but taking photos with a macro lens is a bit different then with regular lenses, especially as all have been taken without a tri-pod or any other means of stabilisation. Also the little bugs are fast and move as soon as you get to close. Anyway, there is an entire new world to explore, expect more macro photos soon. 🙂