Pinetum Ter Borgh, Anloo, the Netherlands

The Pinetum Ter Borgh is an approx. 2.2 ha. large park which is part of the Boswachterij Anloo in Drenthe, which is decorated as a needle tree garden. It is a specialized arboretum that contains about 500 exotic and cultivated conifers. The pinetum was built in 1953.

The pinetum originated on the initiative of E. Everts and his three sisters. According to a design by Ger Bootsman (the former manager of pinetum Blijdenstein in Hilversum) an extensive collection of conifers was planted. Of the most trees or shrubs, only one was planted. The pinetum has been managed since 1972 by the foundation ‘Stichting Pinetum ter Borgh’. In 1993 a memorial stone was planted at the entrance, a cleft boulder with the names of Everts and his sisters.

In the pinetum there are, among others, a number of exotic conifers such as giant sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron giganteum), Japanese cedars (Cryptomeria japonica) and Water cypresses (Metasequoia glyptostroboides). The pinetum is freely accessible to the public.

Below are some pictures taken during a visit to the Pinetum early 2018. On the route to the pinetum there is a so called ‘Hunebed’ (D11), a 5000 years old prehistoric burual monument made of large boulders. Click on a thumbnail for a larger, navigate with the left / right arrows of the photo or use the arrow keys on the keyboard.