Natuurpad Langeloërduinen, Norg, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Between the villages Langelo and Norg in the province Drenthe the area was threatened by a desert-like ‘zandverstuiving’, an open area without any vegetation where wind and rain caused erosion. To stop that from expanding around 1850 an artificial forest was created.

Because of the poor quality of the soil, nothing would grow there except pine trees. In time more and more vegetation became part of the forest, each new species strengthening the area, making other types of vegetation possible.

In 1980 I.V.N. Norg created a walking path through the forest for people to enjoy the versatile nature. In 2005 the path changed a bit and now people have the choice of a 2km and a 3km walk. Because of the ever changing nature people are visiting this forest all year round.

There are a number of parking places near the forest where cars can be parked for free. An information booklet can be obtained at the VVV Tourists office in Norg and at the reception of the camping/bospaviljoen ‘De Norgerberg‘, just across the street at the start of the walking route.

Below are some pictures taken during a visit to the forest early 2018. Click on a thumbnail for a larger, navigate with the left / right arrows of the photo or use the arrow keys on the keyboard.