During Daytime Over The Ganges River, Varanasi, India

Varanasi is a city on the banks of the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, India. Varanasi is a major religious hub in India and it is the holiest of the seven sacred cities. Varanasi has been a cultural centre of northern India for several thousand years, and is closely associated with the Ganges. Hindus believe that dying here and getting cremated along the banks of the ‘holy’ Ganges river allows one to break the cycle of rebirth and attain salvation, making it a major center for pilgrimage. The city is known worldwide for its many ghats, embankments made in steps of stone slabs along the river bank where pilgrims perform ritual ablutions.

Below a small selection of photos taken during a tour on the Ganges river with a view on the banks of Varanasi. Click on a miniature-photo to enlarge it, then navigate using the arrows left/right of the photo or use the cursor keys on your keyboard.

Date: 21 october 2019