Görlitz, Germany

Görlitz is a town in the German federal state of Saxony. It lies opposite the Polish town of Zgorzelec, which was part of Görlitz until 1945. The town combines Lusatian and Silesian traditions as well as German and Sorbian culture. Görlitz has a rich architectural heritage. Many movie-makers have used the various sites as locations.

Today Görlitz and Zgorzelec get along well. The Altstadtbrücke (old town bridge) was rebuilt between 2003 and 2004 and pedestrians can move freely between the 2 towns/countries.

Below a small selection of photos taken during a visit to Görlitz. Click on a miniature-photo to enlarge it, then navigate using the arrows left/right of the photo or use the cursor keys on your keyboard.

Date: 24 december 2019