The Bastei, Saxony, Germany

The Bastei is a rock formation towering 194 metres above the Elbe River in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Germany. Reaching a height of 305 metres above sea level, the jagged rocks of the Bastei were formed by water erosion over one million years ago. They are situated near Rathen southeast of the city of Dresden, and are the major landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park in the fedral state of Saxony.

The very name Bastei (‘bastion’) indicates the inclusion of the steep, towering rocks in the old defensive ring around Neurathen Castle. As the region of Saxon Switzerland was explored and developed for tourism, the Bastei rocks became one of its first tourist attractions.

Below a small selection of photos taken during a visit to the Bastei. Click on a miniature-photo to enlarge it, then navigate using the arrows left/right of the photo or use the cursor keys on your keyboard.

Date: 25 december 2019