It Mandefjild, Bakkeveen, Autumn 2020, The Netherlands

On the border of the provinces Fryslån and Drenthe near Bakkeveen, lies the nature reserve It Mandefjild. It Mandefjild consists of the Bakkefeansterdúnen (dunes), the Heide fan Allardseach (moorland) and the intermediate area of Staatsbosbeheer. The area consists of forests, heathland, grasslands, fens and sand drifts and is approximately 261ha in size.

The area is managed by It Fryske Gea, Staatsbosbeheer and private individuals. A number of walking routes have been plotted, ranging from 2.5 km to 9 km. Start the route in the village of Bakkeveen, parking is possible on the Mjumsterwei, near Dúndelle. You can also start at the parking lot on the triple jump at restaurant De Drie Provinciën or the sheepfold at Jarich van der Wielenwei.

Below are some photos taken during a visit to It Mandefjild in october 2020 Click on a miniature-photo to enlarge it, then navigate using the arrows left/right of the photo or use the cursor keys on your keyboard.